Aug 9th, 2016

Ever noticed those pockets of content under Twitter’s discovery and trending areas? You might open it right now and see a card about the 2016 Rio Olympics, and clicking on it will take you through a series of Tweets related to the sporting events going on that day.

twitter moments

Well, those are Twitter Moments. Until now, those Moments have been made by Twitter and a small subset of partners, but Twitter has announced that they’ve greatly expanded the list of publishers who can create moments. Those publishers include big businesses like Pepsi, content creators like Allure Magazine, and even those who organize campaigns like Campaign Zero.

But soon, it’ll be you, too. Twitter says they’ll be opening the feature up to everyone in a few months. It should become one of the biggest changes Twitter has made to the platform in terms of content creation since they infused video-driven services like Periscope and Vine.

Twitter is far from the first to try out this concept of telling stories. That was popularized by Snapchat in recent years, and Instagram decided the concept was a perfect fit for their platform. Individually, these Tweets, videos, pictures, and posts can appear as one-off quips and quick laughs, but together than can actually tell real, full stories, with some having enough impact to last with you for a lifetime. That’s the new goal for social networks, and it was only a matter of time before the seasoned veterans of the field started to catch on.

[via Twitter]

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