YouTube integrates its ad-free subscription with YouTube Kids


Last summer, YouTube introduced a new subscription based program that removes ads and allows for the ability to save videos for offline viewing with YouTube Red. While offline viewing is convenient if you want to download something while on Wi-Fi and watch it later, there is a big opportunity for parents with little ones using YouTube Kids.

YouTube Red Kids

As of today, subscribers to YouTube Red will now get all those great features packed into YouTube Kids. This means your children won’t be subjected to inappropriate commercials in the middle of their favorite YouTube videos. This also means that parents will be able to download a series of videos for the little ones to watch while taking a trip.

  • Ad-free videos: Let your kids learn and laugh along with their favorite characters without paid ads.
  • Offline videos: In the car or on grandma’s couch—always have videos when you need ‘em, even if you don’t have a connection.
  • Uninterrupted music: Keep family sing-alongs going while you use other apps on your phone.

The subscription cost ($9.99/month) is already included with YouTube Red, so you won’t need to pay anything else to take advantage of the new features with YouTube Kids. This is a win for any parent who has been wanting to save some data while letting the munchkins watch YouTube in the back seats.

[via YouTube]


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