Get a glimpse at what the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s camera is capable of


This morning, Samsung took the wraps off the latest device to make its way into the Note lineup with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The device features an impressive spec sheet, along with a camera to match just how gorgeous the device is. With pre-orders for the device not even starting until tomorrow, it’s a bit difficult to get an idea as to what this camera is capable of, so Samsung saved everyone the trouble and has published a series of samples for everyone to gaze upon.

Before jumping right into the samples, it’s worth noting that the camera found within the Galaxy Note 7 is the same as what was released with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (12MP dual-pixel). Additionally, each of the picture settings has been tweaked with the built-in manual mode that the camera application includes, meaning that these weren’t taken on the fly and required a bit of tweaking.

Camera Samples: 

After seeing the capabilities of the camera within the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, it’s a pleasant site to see such a great camera included in the latest device to come out of the Samsung woodworks.

[via Samsung]


You can sideload the leaked Nexus Launcher right here [DOWNLOAD]

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