You can sideload the leaked Nexus Launcher right here [DOWNLOAD]


Yesterday, a leaked version of the launcher (home screen) ripped from one of the upcoming Nexus devices was put on display across the web. With a few versions of the APK floating about, it was only a matter of time before someone posted it online for the downloading. Sure enough, we have one here for you to sideload and decide for yourselves if it’s everything it’s cracked up to be.

One thing that’s interesting is the app isn’t the Google Now Launcher — instead it’s a separate home screen replacement calling itself the Nexus Launcher. This could be what Sundar Pichai was talking about in that interview where some suggested Google would create a UI experience exclusive to Nexus devices. Whether this same experience eventually makes its way to the Google Now Launcher is anyone’s guess.

Also worth noting, is that semi-transparent dock at the bottom of the home screen is only showing up on our Nexus device running Android N and you will need to add the app into piv-app to swipe over to the Google Now screen.

Download: Nexus Launcher flashable ZIP (either flash, or extract APK inside to sideload)

[via Hernán Castañón]

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