Here’s an official render of the new Samsung Gear VR


samsung gear vr 2

The new Samsung Gear VR is right around the corner, and now we have an official render of the thing leaking from @onleaks. The headset you see above doesn’t necessarily reinvent the wheel, though there are some differences to note. Let’s start with what you can see:

  • The head strap has changed a bit as it doesn’t seem to be showing the connector that is used to attach the overhead portion. It may be flush on the backside of the rear of the strap. Despite the overhead portion being absent in this render, we can notice a slit behind the optical dial where the metal bar would go for its existence.
  • The visor looks a lot more refined than it did on the previous model. Whereas the earlier one stuck out like a sore thumb, the visor on this one looks very flush and very much a part of the headset in general.
  • It’s black.

Beyond that, we are expecting the internals to change a tad, with the company using a USB-C connector to account for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s port of similar ilk. That said, the headset is said to still support older microUSB models, so those who want it purely for the design improvements should be able to snag one no problem. Naturally, Samsung is looking to announce this thing right alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and that announcement will happen August 2nd.

[via Nowhere Else]

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