The LG V20 is scheduled to arrive later this quarter


LG V10

Last time we talked about the LG V20 it was just a rumor suggesting that LG could be working on a successor to the LG V10. Today, LG all but confirmed that the V20 will be coming later this year. LG did not specifically name the LG V20, but they said a new phone in the V series will debut later this quarter.

That would line up perfectly with the LG V10, which was announced last year in October. The V10 eventually launched later in November, but it seems the V20 could launch even earlier. LG is likely feeling the pain of $130 million loss this quarter. With the LG G5 failing to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S7, LG may be fast-tracking a new device to keep up. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is also coming next week.

The V10 was a decent phone with a gimmicky second-screen feature. It will be interesting to see how LG improves the second screen in the second generation. Are you at all interested in the V series?

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