Samsung Galaxy S8 could have a 4K display and be Daydream ready


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We’re still waiting for the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about the Samsung Galaxy S8. Most of the rumors about the Galaxy S8 so far have revolved around the display. A new rumor out of China backs up some of the previous claims and adds a new morsel of information.

The last couple of Galaxy S8 rumors have been about the likelihood of a 4K display. Once again, we’re hearing the device will have a 4K display, but we’re also hearing a reason for why that would be necessary. Samsung is all about VR these days. When a screen is 3 inches from your face, it’s important to pack as many pixels into it as possible. The rumor claims that the Galaxy S8 is codenamed Project Dream, which could be a hint towards Google’s “Project Dream” VR standard.

Samsung already has their own VR solution with the Gear VR, but it’s possible they are also working to support Google’s implementation. A 4K display would be great for both the Gear VR and Daydream devices. What do you think about 4K displays on phones? Is VR the only reason for such overkill?

[via phonearena]

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