Pokémon Go launch delayed in France after Nice terrorist attack



As developer Niantic Labs works out their server issues, expansion of Pokemon Go to new countries continues. In addition to launching in Canada this weekend (followed by 4 hours of downtime) Pokemon Go also geared up for its big 26 country rollout in Europe with plans to also arrive in France.

In the wake of tragedy in Nice, France, it seems Niantic has put their plans of a French rollout on hold. The move is to observe the 3 days of national mourning announced by President Francois Hollande. IGN France received the following statement from Niantic, saying:

“As a sign of respect for the French people in this time of national mourning, the release of Pokémon GO is postponed. Our thoughts and prayers are with France and the victims affected by this terrible attack.”

Last week, a terrorist attack in Nice, France claimed the lives of 84 people and injured hundreds of others. It wasn’t said how long the game would be put on hold, but it could go live as soon as soon as Thursday.

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