Gritty FPS Sequel Homefront: The Revolution Hits Android


Homefront: The Revolution is now available to stream on NVIDIA SHIELD devices thanks to the cloud-based magic of NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW service. If you’re a current GeForce NOW member you have a head start. The original Homefront game is part of the basic membership package so be sure to check it out. It’s an enjoyable first-person shooter with an interesting story bolstered by gripping action. Homefront: The Revolution is a more ambitious reimagining of a disastrous scenario in which the US is invaded by Korean forces.


Homefront: The Revolution paints a convincing picture of what might happen when the balance of power is flipped. It does so by focusing on events in several districts of Philadelphia following an invasion of the Korean People’s Army (KPA).

Clearly the status quo of the KPA locking down the citizens of Philly is entirely unacceptable which leaves it up to you—in the role of protagonist Ethan Brady—to create a resistance movement and light the touchpaper that will ignite a second American War of Independence. As Brady explores the city he will be required to recruit other characters to join the resistance setting up a base of operations and safehouses all over the map.


The Philadelphia of 2029 consists of three different zones. The Red Zones are the ruined outer suburbs made up of deserted streets and abandoned subways and this is where your story begins. Yellow Zones are where most of the populace live under the oppressive regime of the KPA forces who regularly patrol the streets. The Green Zones are where the HPA leadership and wealthy individuals reside. This is where the heart of the enemy forces can be found and they are the most heavily protected areas of all. Over the course of the single-player campaign, as leader of the resistance, you’ll be able to witness the oppressed citizenry getting behind your cause and rising up against the foreign invaders.

Unlike the linear style of the first game, Homefront: The Revolution takes an open-world approach, recreating the various areas of Philly and enabling the player to explore the environment and exploit the resources to be found therein. Your situation at the start of the campaign is a pretty dire one. The KPA’s weapons are fingerprint-locked so it’s your job to travel around scavenging from old weapons caches and thieving all manner of bits and pieces that will enable you to build up your own armory of repurposed hardware and home-brew devices. You can also make use of several vehicles in the game including motorcycles, Humvee-style armored cars, a tank and even an airship.


A GeForce NOW membership is completely free to try out for three months and $7.99 a month after that, giving SHIELD owners instant access to an ever growing library of high-profile PC titles. Certain premium games can be purchased separately including Homefront: The Revolution available for a special launch price of $44.99, which is 25 percent off its normal full price. Purchasing Homefront: The Revolution on GeForce NOW will get you a key to download the game on PC at no additional cost.

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