Researchers find a modified Pokémon Go APK which includes remote access tool


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Pokémon Go has been taking over everyone’s devices since its initial launch last week, but there have been a few issues that have put a negative spotlight on the experience. Before the app launched on the Play Store, a few different versions of the APK had been leaked, which left everyone scrambling to get started. Due to the fact that the application was only released in three countries before the rollout was halted, this left users resorting to downloading APK files that have been making their rounds on the interwebs.

Likely due to the fact that the game had not been officially released globally at the same time, many gamers wishing to access the game before it was released in their region resorted to downloading the APK from third parties.

However, according to researchers at Proofpoint, it turns out that there is a modified Pokémon Go APK that actually accesses much more information than you would think would be needed. In the screenshots above, you see the difference between the legitimate permissions compared to those of the modified APK. This modified version gives itself access to not only your phone number and contacts, but also allows for the app to record audio and modify your information on the device. 

Many different websites had resorted to explaining how to bypass Android’s built-in security measures when it comes to installing APK files from non-legitimate sources, but is not recommended for this very situation. If you have installed an APK from an unknown source, be sure to uninstall the app immediately to be on the safe side, and wait for the official APK to become available in the Play Store.

Download on Google Play: Pokemon Go

[via Proofpoint]


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