Jul 12th, 2016

It’s time for another monthly update of Google’s Android distribution numbers. This edition shows us that Android Marshmallow is enjoying a pretty steady climb — it’s up to 13.3% of all Android devices accounted for opposed to last month’s 10.1%.

android version number july 2016

That’s great news, and if you consider Lollipop a contemporary version of Android then nearly 50% of the Android phones out there are all on recent software. That said, Android Nougat — yes, that’s the name — is due later this summer, and we’ll be wondering how long it takes for it to make significant penetration.

Although the numbers never look great, it’s always worth remembering that much of Android’s greatest features come in the way of Google Play Services updates more than firmware upgrades.

Sure, Android Marshmallow, Android Nougat and all the other versions due in the future will have unique OS-level stuff that we’d be sad to miss out on, but that doesn’t mean a phone with Lollipop is instantly useless the moment a new version rolls around. As always, get yourself a Nexus device if you want to ensure you’re on the latest and greatest for years to come. You can find the full breakdown right here.

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