Jul 7th, 2016

The LG Rolling Bot was probably the coolest LG G5 “friend” we saw when it was first announced, but it’s also been the most elusive. It seems LG is ready to get the ball rolling (hehe) as retailers are starting to throw up listings for the thing.

MobileFun has it on tap for £229 in the UK, and those shopping at the US site can grab it for about $247. The device isn’t expected to ship until next month, though, so there’s a bit of time to think about whether you want one.


The LG Rolling Bot can be controlled with your smartphone to go wherever you want. It also includes a camera so you can see the world through its eyes. LG made some pretty fun games to be played with the thing, though with its rolling nature we imagine you can come up with just about anything to have fun with — robot drag racing would be awesome! Be sure to check out our hands-on time with it right here.

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