Jul 6th, 2016

Google has revealed some huge Google Now on Tap changes today. The biggest that may excite some of you is the ability to translate foreign text from within any app’s screen. Hold the home button down and you can get not-so-perfect translations of anything you need.

google now on tap translation

The translation feature will only work on devices with  English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian as the language, though Google implies more will be added later.

Moving on, discovery of content through Google Now is also getting a major boost. A new Discover button will allow you to check out content related to whatever’s on your screen, including informative articles, video, and pictures.

Finally, Google Now will let you scan a barcode or QR code on a product — including books, DVDs and more — to get a quick rundown of cards related to the object such as user reviews or places to buy them. The update should find its way to your handset as the rollout has commenced today, so stay on the lookout!

[via Google]

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