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If you’re an avid Android gamer, you’ve probably played a Mediocre game. We’re not talking about moderately good games. Medicore is the developer behind such titles as Sprinkle, Granny Smith, Smash Hit, and Does Not Commute. Their latest game is called Beyondium, and it looks like another great game.

Beyondium is all about connecting dots and staying alive. At the center of the screen is a molecule that spits out colored dots. You can collect dots by drawing lines between two or more dots of the same color. Every time you do this the meter at the top of the screen fills up. Red dots fill the red meter, blue dots fill the blue meter, etc. To collect more dots at a time you can encircle them by connecting dots in an outline.

Encircling dots is the key to this game. If a dot leaves the screen you get penalized, so it’s import to collect as many as you can. Using the encircling technique is the best way to do that. The other thing it does is convert dots to the color you need. Creating an outline with red dots will convert all the dots inside to red. Encircling is also how you can collect power-ups and multipliers.

It’s important to fill the meter, because the meter is what keeps the molecule alive and spitting out dots. Don’t let the other colors distract you from the meter at the top of the screen. When you have a red meter, only the red dots count. Once the molecule is depleted the game is over and your score is recorded.

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Download This

Beyondium is very easy to play. There are five different stages to test your skills. At first, you only have to collect one color. By the fifth stage, there is a lot more going on, but the same basic rules apply. Play each stage and see how long you can survive. Like all Mediocre games, the design and music is top notch. It costs $1.99, but you won’t see any ads or in-app purchases.

DOWNLOAD: Beyondium – Google Play

  • Price: $1.99
  • In-app Purchases: No
  • Rating: 3.9/5
  • Installs: 5,000 – 10,000

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