Amazon will chop $50 off a Moto G4 if you agree to have ads on your lock screen


Amazon’s trying something new. Well, it’s not really new. You see, the company offers Kindle devices at a sizable discount if you agree to view ads on your devices’ lockscreen. It’s worked out well in the Kindle world because, well, it’s all out of sight and out of mind after you unlock your Kindle for reading.

But that will no longer be confined to the Kindle world after today. Amazon has announced device subsidies for third-party unlocked devices if you agree to have Amazon Offers on your device. Ads would show up full-screen if you don’t have any notifications. If you do have notifications, the ads will show up sort of like a notification beneath your actual notifications, but they’re gone once you jump into your home screen.

moto g4 amazon

Beyond that, Amazon will also pre-install the apps on the device. Because, you know, they want you to buy stuff from them. These apps can be tucked away and hidden if you so please, of course.

If none of this bothers you, you can get $50 off the Moto G4 or Blu R1 HD to take them down to $149.99 and $99.99, respectively. Oh, and it’s only available to pre-order if you’re a current Amazon Prime customer, so that essentially adds another $100 to your bill if you aren’t (at which point, you might as well just buy the thing at its original price tag).

If you’re not OK with this, you’re always free to pass on the savings and get your device free of Amazon’s influence. Otherwise, enjoy those savings (and the ads that come along with them).

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