YouTube for Android will soon let you stream live right from your phone


YouTube has had a stake in the live streaming arena for quite some time now, however it hasn’t exactly evolved with the changing times. Said changing times saw the erection of platforms like Periscope and Facebook Live which made it ridiculously easy to broadcast to anyone you want straight from your phone.

That’s going to be changing soon. You will be able to go live from your phone with the touch of one button right within the same YouTube app you use to enjoy videos and live streams today.

Unfortunately, we’re not sure when, exactly, to expect its arrival. YouTube will give select partner creators access to this feature in the interim, however those of you who just want to do some casual streaming will have to wait until later this year. In the meantime, Periscope and Facebook are happy to take your business, so consider those options if you’re in need of this.

[via YouTube]

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