OnePlus 3 update to improve display, RAM management


We’re pretty impressed with the OnePlus 3 so far. The phone is extremely powerful, it looks good and is priced perfectly for those who want flagship-tier specs without having to pay the premium prices charged by Samsung, LG and HTC. That being said, the OnePlus 3 has gotten a little flack for its aggressive RAM management and the AMOLED display’s inaccurate color reproduction. To address both issues, OnePlus is rolling out an update to the new phone. Unfortunately, that update isn’t making its way to those who purchased the OnePlus 3, but to media outlets which have been given OnePlus 3 review units.

Once the update is installed, those who currently have OnePlus 3 review units will find a new option to enable a new sRGB mode under Settings > Developer Options. With the sRGB mode turned on, the color accuracy of the display should be improved with less saturated colors. OnePlus also claims that the tweaks to the phone’s RAM management with allow games to load faster. 

If the software update does what OnePlus is promising, the company plans to release the improvements to the general public “a bit later on.” We have not had a chance to install the update on our OnePlus 3 review unit yet, but we’ll definitely be sharing our findings once we do. 

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