Peter Chou is no longer an employee at HTC


When Peter Chou was forced to hand over his title of CEO at HTC to Cher Wang in March of 2015, the company made it very clear that Chou was not leaving HTC. According to the company’s press release, Peter Chou was given the job of leading HTC’s new Future Development Lab to work on key products which would shape HTC’s future. In August of last year, it was announced that Chou took a position as an executive director at Digital Domain (the digital production studio behind X-Men: Apocalypse, Deadpool and Furious 7), but HTC maintained that he was still with the company. It was assumed that Peter Chou’s involvement with Digital Domain was to strengthen HTC’s foothold with one of the world’s most innovative production companies as HTC moved into the VR space with the pending launch of the HTC Vive.

In a new statement released by HTC, we are now learning that Peter Chou has not been employed at HTC since September of last year. Chou is still considered to be an HTC advisor, but there’s a good chance that we will not be hearing his name mentioned by HTC in a long time.

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