The Camellia Red HTC 10 is no longer Japan exclusive


Well, that didn’t last long. HTC launched a vibrant Camellia Red model of the HTC 10 earlier this year, and it was available only in Japan at the time. The company wasn’t keen on sharing when others would get to buy one, but it didn’t take long to reach other shores.

htc 10 camellia red

The Camellia Red HTC 10 is now available in the company’s home country of Taiwan. You’d think they’d choose to launch an exclusive model there first, but what does anyone know anymore?

Anywho, the device goes for about $710 in 32GB flavoring, or you can bump that up to 64GB for $775. There’s no word on whether this is the last of its international trip, but we have our fingers crossed that at least Verizon (whose moniker of “Big Red” is appropriately ripe for a marriage with a big red phone) will look to offer it stateside. 

[via HTC Taiwan]

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