Plume Pods will revolutionize your home WiFi network


It’s pretty safe to assume that almost every home with an internet connection also has a WiFi router (or two). While connecting our laptops, smartphones and tablets to the web wirelessly is extremely convenient, most of us have likely been extremely frustrated with our home WiFi networks since they don’t tend to cover every room in our homes perfectly. That will likely change with Plume, an adaptive WiFi network system which uses multiple Pods throughout your house to give you the best coverage possible. The concept behind Plume Pods may sound similar to a standard mesh network, but Plume has developed a self-learning system which adapts to your house, your devices and surrounding WiFI networks to consistently deliver a fast and reliable WiFi connection.


Plume is a cloud coordinated WiFi system that exponentially increases the signal strength and quality of your WiFi. It monitors your WiFi activity and balances your network load without sacrificing the performance of one device over another. Plume utilizes multiple WiFi channels in the same home to communicate between Plume Pods, eliminating congestion as your WiFi demands change and increase. Our cloud algorithms figure out which band to use for each device to ensure your devices have access to the speed they deserve, avoiding interference along the way. Plume WiFi adapts to the physical space you live in, your online devices, your household, and even to your neighbor’s WiFi usage patterns (yes, their networks also impact your environment!). It adapts real-time to your personal needs.


Plume Pods are about the size of a night light and plug right into the wall. Each Pod has an ethernet port, but only one Pod needs to be connected to your modem. Since the Pods are intended to bring WiFi coverage to every corner of your house, Plume recommends having one installed in every room and hallway. We imagine this could get quite expensive if you own a large home, but we know that a lot of people are willing to pay good money to ensure they have the best internet access possible.

While we’d like to tell you that Plume Pods are available right now, the company is still working on its final phase of testing. If you want to pre-order, you can get six Pods for $234 with additional Pods going for $39 each. Once Plume Pods go on sale this fall, the price per Pod will be set at $49. Pre-orders are currently limited to the US, but Plume is planning to open them up to other countries before the official launch. 

Are you ready to replace your home WiFi network with Plume Pods?


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