Beta tab appears within the Google Play Store for some


At Google I/O, it was announced that there would be a few changes coming for developers and users via the Play Store. One such change was the ability for users to view which Beta programs they were a part of. Now it seems that feature is rolling out for some.

Play Store Beta tab

The change adds a Beta tab to the “My apps & games” option within the Play Store. This has yet to appear for everyone, but as long as you are on version 6.7.12 of the Play Store, then it’s just a matter of time. Unfortunately, there is no way to force this tab to appear since it’s a server side update.

As someone who loves being a part of betas, I’m a bit afraid to see all the different betas that are now defunct. It will be fun and easy to keep track of betas going forward once this feature hits our phones though.

[via Reddit]


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