Turn your old Nexus 5 into a Linux computer with Maru OS


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Android phones are pretty powerful these days. They have the specs to do just about anything. Including running a desktop OS. In the past, we’ve seen things like Ubuntu on phones, but they never really passed the stage of “experimental.” The latest attempt is called Maru OS, a version of Linux that can run on a Nexus 5.

Maru OS was in private beta for the last few months. It’s now available to the public, assuming you have a Nexus 5. Maru OS operates like Microsoft’s Continuum feature in Windows 10. When you connect the phone to an external display, mouse, and keyboard, it looks like a Linux desktop. The rest of the time it runs like an Android device.

For now, Maru OS is limited to the outdated Nexus 5, but in the future, they hope to have it on more devices. Is this something you would use?

[via Maru]

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