Apple Music for Android will soon look like Spotify


Apple is in San Francisco today for their annual Worldwide Developers Conference. The company went over a ton of new things they’re doing in the software department for their various phones, tablets, computers and smartwatches.

But one thing Android users will be happy to hear is that Apple Music is getting a massive redesign. The company introduced a new user interface that makes it easier to find music in your music library. It’s like Spotify, only someone threw a big bucket of white paint. That isn’t a bad thing, though, because Spotify’s design has proven to be a very solid way to present music.

For starters, you access your library in an appropriately-named Library tab. This tab is the gateway to all the music you’ve added to your library, as well as all the playlists you’ve made. This is opposed to splitting things into separate “Playlists” and “My Music” tabs. You’ll be able to navigate by album, artist, playlist or by song.

apple music update

Beyond that, Apple is introducing new Zagat-like playlist recommendations in the For You tab. These playlists can change based on time of day, or even based on events (like holidays). For instance, they’ll offer up a playlist perfect for walking into the office on a Monday morning.

Lastly, Apple is introducing lyrics. Nothing amazing or new, but it’s welcomed nonetheless.

To say Apple borrowed many of their ideas from Spotify would be an understatement. That said, no one would blame them for doing so — after all, Spotify has been in this game for over 7 years now, and they have 30 million paying subscribers. If anyone knows best, it’s them. Look out for the update to hit Google Play at some point later this year.

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