Jun 10th, 2016

There were a total of 14 Moto Mods which were announced alongside the Moto Z yesterday, but a picture of an experimental Moto Mod with a circular display managed to hit Twitter. Curious to see if there was any official information available for it, we combed through Motorola’s site and found that the pictured Mod is actually named the Display Personality Card and it one of four different Personal Card components which Motorola will be selling to developers to show how various modules can be developed for the Moto Z. 

The Display Personality Card provides an example of a Moto Mod™ with an external display and shows how to interface with and control a display and backlight attached through the Moto High Speed Bridge. The included display uses a single lane CSI with a separate I2C bus used to control the backlight. 

Using Android’s built-in secondary display feature, the Display Personality Card is able to mirror the main display or act as a secondary display to show different content through the use of an app. The development module is quite thick, but we imagine a consumer version would be much thinner if Motorola or a third-party accessory maker ever decides to put one out. 


If your phone had a display on its back, what would you want to use it for?

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