Tesco Mobile will offer some discounts if you want to see a few ads before unlocking your device


When you think about ads popping up on your smartphone, your first reaction is probably disgust or annoyance. But what if you could actually save some money by viewing just a few ads per day? That’s what carrier, Tesco Mobile, is aiming to do with its Xtras application.

Subscribers to Tesco Mobile now have an opportunity to save £3 on their bill per month thanks to this new Xtras app. The way that Xtras works is that a few times a day, you will be presented with an ad on your lockscreen, that you can either interact with, or just swipe away to get to your device. No videos, no need to wait for the ad to finish playing before being able to access your phone, just a simple ad. Once you have done this for 21 days out of your billing cycle, you’ll see the discount on the next bill.

Although there will be no video ads displayed with Xtras, Tesco Mobile is giving an extra 200MB of data for each customer that signs up. This is to help cover any possible content that may come up if you actually click through the ad.

This seems like an easy way to save yourself some money each month, but we’ll have to wait and see if it’s actually practical. Would sign up for something similar if your carrier of choice decided to take some money off your bill each month just for seeing ads before you unlock your phone? Drop us a line in the comments and let us know.

Download on Google Play: Tesco Mobile Xtras

[via Tesco Mobile]


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