Your NVIDIA SHIELD TV will become a full-fledged Plex multimedia server with version 3.2

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NVIDIA today announced version 3.2 of their SHIELD Android TV software. There are many notable changes coming as part of this upgrade:

  • Support for VUDU
  • HDR support and in-app voice search in Netflix
  • Support for Dolby Atmos omnidirectional sound in VUDU, MX Player, SPMC, and Plex
  • Support for 4K 60FPS video in YouTube
  • Support for “TV off” command in HDMI-CEC interfaces
  • Support for 4K Game Streaming
  • A range of new apps: WatchESPN, Spotify, NBC News, Starz, Disney Channel, Disney XD, Watch ABC, Disney Junior, CNN Go, Nick, MTV, Comedy Central, and Freeform

But all of it probably pales in comparison to the SHIELD’s newfound integration of Plex. The Plex multimedia server is one of the most advanced tools out there for streaming music, movies, TV shows and pictures to devices all throughout your home.

shield plex 1

The addition of Plex alone isn’t notable, though — after all, you probably already have Plex apps on your phones, tablets and other devices. What’s really exciting is that Plex on SHIELD is both a client and a server.

What does this mean? It means you can give your computer a break. Plex can transcode and broadcast content that’s on your SHIELD TV device to any Plex-supported device. That means you don’t need a bulky computer to be running 24/7 in order to enjoy your movies and TV shows.

shield plex 2

And even if you do need to continue using solutions like NAS boxes or external hard drives (likely for those of you with the 16GB SHIELD model), you can connect them to SHIELD TV and all the files on them will show up on it for broadcasting as if you have a USB flash drive connected. You could even drag-and-drop files from your PC to your SHIELD for easy content management.

shield plex 3

All of the video content can be transcoded in 1080p, something that a lot of affordable NAS boxes can’t do without working up a massive sweat.

Beyond that, Plex also enables multi-stream viewing of content all throughout your home. Mom watching Netflix on the big screen? You can stream your favorite shows or movies from Plex to another device in your home at the same time without issue.  All of it is due out later this month, so stay tuned to Phandroid for more details on the rollout in the weeks to come.

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