Nest reportedly has two new products in the pipeline


Yesterday, we saw an email sent by Nest CEO, Marwan Farwaz, to its employees with the intent to remove any worries of the company being sold. In that email, there was a portion that described a [redacted] product that was in the works.

If this new report is to be believed, there are actually two new Nest products in the pipeline. The first of which is a modified version of the current Nest thermostat, complete with new colors, and the second is an outdoor version of the Nest Cam.


The sources claim that the outdoor Nest Cam will “be more rugged and designed to withstand the elements.” Additionally, the new Nest Cam will also have a power cord, which is something that currently isn’t readily available in the market of outdoor security cameras.

Nest hasn’t been making very many positive headlines recently, which led to the email that was revealed yesterday. Although these new products won’t be game-changers, it will be refreshing to see the company get back into the mix with some new products.

[via TechInsider]


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