Uber offering $2 off its UberPool services if it misses the arrival time


Uber is building up its business by offering new services other than just the traditional “taxi” service. UberPool was introduced to make it easier, and cheaper, to ride to similar locations with other folks. Recently, the ability to schedule a pickup time was introduced to make it easier to plan ahead.

Now, Uber is offering something back for any inconveniences that may be caused if your UberPool arrives late. If your UberPool misses its expected arrival time, Uber will give users $2 of their next ride.

This is a pretty awesome gesture for those who have been late for any reason, and offers a great discount on a great service. We’ll see if this expands to the regular Uber service, as there are those who may not want to ride with others, but need to be somewhere at a specific time.

[via Uber Newsroom]


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