Google will reportedly 1-up Apple’s new 85/15 revenue split for app subscriptions with an even better offer


Today Apple detailed some new changes headed to the App Store, mainly a new way for all app developers to earn money through a new subscription model. A feature Google launched on Android back in 2012 (Apple’s had it for awhile too, but only for streaming media and dating apps), it’s a handy way for developers to gain a constant stream of income while helping to fund additional development.

Apple — who normally operates on a 70/30 split — is now offering all app publishers an 85/15 split for money earned through subscriptions. The catch? The improved rate only kicks in after a year. Well, it didn’t take long for Google to catch wind of the new development with Recode now reporting that not only will Google match Apple’s new policy, but developers wont have to wait a year — it’ll be available right off the bat.

Currently there’s no information on when Google plans on introducing the new revenue split, so although it sounds like little more than a rumor, Google has reportedly already been using this subscription split for bigger name entertainment companies in an effort to get bolster their Chromecast offerings.

Chris Chavez
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