Alleged Galaxy Note 7 screenshot suggests it will have an iris scanner


The rumor mill can be vicious. One day you don’t hear anything about a device, then after the first big story breaks stuff starts leaking like the Titanic. Yet another leak suggests the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will have an iris scanner.

This time, the “evidence” comes from a screenshot that was supposedly taken on the device. The screenshot shows the settings page where a user is asked to authenticate themselves using one of three options. The third option translates to “use iris.”

galaxy note 7 iris screenshot

Hooray! As much as we want to believe this is a go, we must do our obligatory round of cautioning against taking this at face value. After all, going into Photoshop and doctoring a simple dialog box is child’s play, and we aren’t ready to believe anything until our must trusted sources or Samsung comes forth with the goods, whichever comes first.

[via SamMobile]

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