Jun 6th, 2016

blackberry priv devices

BlackBerry finally made the switch to Android last year with the BlackBerry Priv, but was it the right decision? An executive at AT&T has shared some not so promising words about the device. According to the executive, the Priv is “really struggling” and “we’ve seen more returns than we would like.”

That’s not what BlackBerry was hoping for when they made the tough decision to switch to Android. AT&T and BlackBerry expected more Android users to gravitate towards the physical keyboard. Instead, most of the people who bought the Priv were old BlackBerry users. BlackBerry needs new users, not the same users who have been sticking with them.

The executive also said that the high price tag has hurt the Priv. It was more expensive than the iPhone 6S. Usually, only Apple and Samsung can get away with pricing phones so high. AT&T has been a long-time partner with BlackBerry. If they are saying such negative things about the device, you know it’s not doing well.

[via CNET]

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