Moto Z’s purported Style Covers see prime time ahead of June 9th event


MotoMods Covers

Lenovo’s Tech World event is just a couple days away (June 9th), where we are expecting the company to unveil the new Moto “Z” series of devices. In a few recent leaks, we’ve gotten a pretty good idea as to what this device will look like, but that’s not stopping the leaks from coming in. The latest leak shows off the options if you want to swap out the rear cover for the Moto Z.

In the image above, you can see the device in the center, which appears to be quite worn out, but that won’t be a problem if you want to swap out the cover for any of the other options. According to these images there will be at least 5 different Style covers to swap on your device, ranging from a dark an option to reminds us of the Moto X Style, all the way to a cork-board option.

MotoMods Covers 2

Some folks were questioning whether the raised camera seen on previous leaks would cause any type of issues, but it seems that with these interchangeable covers, the camera will actually sit flush, which looks great. As you can see, all labeling has been edited out, but this isn’t that surprising considering these images are from a device that has yet to be announced.

We will have to wait to see what’s been up Lenovo’s sleeve in regards to the Motorola Moto Z, but with the event being just a few days away, we won’t have that long to wait.

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