Lenovo’s Project Tango phone expected to be larger than the Nexus 6


Lenovo has been quite busy ahead of its event, Lenovo Tech World. The company is expected to not only unveil the latest Moto X/Z series of devices, but we are also expecting to see the first Project Tango handset. Not much has been known about the device, but @evleaks has revealed some pertinent information regarding the device.

Project Tango phone

If the latest leak from @evleaks comes to fruition, the Lenovo Project Tango device’s display will be 6.4″ and will be named the Lenovo PHAB2 Pro. Not very many devices have been released with a 6″ display since the Nexus 6 was released almost two years ago. The Nexus 6 was notably larger than many other phones on the market and caught a bunch of flack for being too large. The PHAB2 Pro will be even larger, which makes us wonder whether the device will catch on, regardless of its capabilities.

It makes sense to have such a large display when you consider the capabilities and possibilities with Project Tango, but at almost 6.5″, that’s a bit large for even someone who wants to jump on that ship.

Lenovo’s Tech World is this Thursday, June 9th, and we’ll have to see what comes from the first Project Tango-capable device manufactured for non-developers.

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