HTC’s revenue continues to drop despite HTC 10 and Vive sales


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Last time we checked in on HTC’s numbers, we were waiting for the HTC 10 and Vive to be released. HTC was hoping those two devices could be the boost they needed, but early reports are not looking good. The last two quarters from HTC have been miserable. So far, this one hasn’t been much better.

Revenue for May was $200 million. That’s a decrease of 37.4% from this time last year. The good news is that the numbers are slightly better than the previous month, but still not the improvement they needed. The HTC 10 still hasn’t launched in India, but that shouldn’t improve things too much. The India market favors low-cost devices, not the $650 variety.

At this point, can anything save HTC? The HTC 10 is easily one of the best Android phones to launch in 2016, but is that enough for a company like HTC? How do you feel about HTC and their position in the mobile market?

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