It’s official: everyone should now be seeing Instagram’s non-chronological feed


Last month, we told you guys about Instagram’s non-chronological feeds slowly rolling out in the US. This was after it had slowly made its through various other parts of the globe, but because there was no update and Instagram promised to announce when a broader rollout had begun, nobody was sure if the flood gates had opened, or if the feature was still in testing.

Today, Instagram has finally announced that the rollout is almost over and just about everyone should be seeing this wonderful new algorithmic feed on their devices if they haven’t already. Similar to the Facebook News Feed, Instagram will now show you posts from the people you follow based on their level of relevance. Exactly how Instagram goes about calculating that they haven’t said, but we’ve noticed that posts from people we often interact with the most float up to the top of our feed. All the other posts? Well, that sh*ts just all out of order for no apparent rhyme or reason, even posts that are mere minutes a part.

The worst part is, unlike Facebook, Instagram isn’t providing their users with any sort of option to turn it off and return to a normal chronological feed. We’ll admit, it can be handy for those that follow thousands of people, but sometimes we just want to see the most recent posts from people we’re following, relevant or not. Instagram, of course, says they’re “listening” but we just hope they get the message loud and clear that nobody likes new features forced down their throats.


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