HTC is giving away free Type-C cables for those who pre-ordered the HTC 10 from them directly


Those who pre-ordered the HTC 10 from HTC directly were promised a small gift at the time, although no clue was given as to what that gift would actually be. As it turns out, a few folks have started receiving a package from HTC with a USB Type-C cable and free UH OH protection.

Although not a huge gift, a compatible Type-C cable is a nice gesture for anyone who doesn’t want to pony up extra money to upgrade their old micro USB cables. Plus, with UH OH Protection, if anything ever happens to your device, you’ll be covered.

The HTC UH OH protection plan gives users a free replacement for their HTC 10 should any harm come to it within the first year. It doesn’t matter if it fell in the pool, or the phone shattered into a million pieces, contact HTC and you’ll receive a replacement device, free of charge.

It seems this promotion is only for those who pre-ordered the device from HTC, but it’s possible the offer could extend further. We’ll have to wait and see, but as it stands, this is a great gift from HTC if you’re one of the lucky ones.

[via Android Central]


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