T-Mobile’s $30 Tourist Plan gives travelers full phone service for 3 weeks


T-Mobile has introduced an awesome new Tourist Plan for folks who visit the United States. Enter the US borders starting June 12th and you can get cell phone service from the carrier for a low flat rate of $30.

What does that give you? Here’s the quick rundown:

  • Unlimited Data (2GB of data at 4G speeds)
  • Unlimited texting
  • 1,000 talking minutes within the US

There are a few reasonable catches. The plan is not eligible for regular T-Mobile perks including stuff like Binge On and Music Freedom. You also can’t roam for more than 200MB of data (which means you’ll want to stay within T-Mobile’s coverage as much as possible). You can’t port your number, of course. And you must provide your own phone.

Oh, and the plan will also expire after 3 weeks’ time, whether you’re ready or not. T-Mobile says the plan is designed for one-time short trips, so if you’re looking at a longer stay then you’ll want to check out some other options. The carrier has all the details and more at their site right here.

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