This winless soccer team used Samsung’s Gear VR for some new motivation


What do you do when you’re a coach and the team has yet to win a game all season. Well, Samsung tried helped out the worst soccer team in England with a bit of motivation.

New Mills AFC is a soccer team in England that has gone 0-fer for the year. Leading up to one of their most recent games, the players walked into the locker room and were met with Gear VR headsets equipped with a Galaxy S7 and a message from their coach.

If you want to check out the video for yourself, grab your Cardboard-capable headset and see it for yourself. 


The video begins with a soccer stadium lighting up and their coach walking to the midway point of the field. Then the encouraging speech begins, with comparisons of life and soccer going hand in hand.

The speech is very moving, and you would think that New Mills AFC would have some extra motivation. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. The team still has yet to win a single game all season long.

[via SamMobile]



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