May 27th, 2016

Samsung is looking to change the way we pay for things on our mobile devices. According to a report by ET News, Samsung is working on an alternative version of Samsung Pay, dubbed Samsung Pay Mini, which will provide a dedicated online payment gateway.

The way that Samsung Pay Mini would work, would be by entering all of your credit and debit card information into the app, then when its time to pay for something online, you would be prompted to enter your password and select the card of choice. In terms of security, you would have the option to enter a 6-digit pin, or use your fingerprint scanner. Once the transaction is complete, the Samsung Pay Mini application would also keep all of your receipts stored for easy access.

The biggest eye-catcher of Samsung Pay Mini would be its cross-platform compatibility. Within the report, its stated that this new payment method would be available on any Android devices running Android Marshmallow, as well as any iPhone running iOS 8 or later.

We are expecting to see this new payment method roll out soon, but it may be limited to just Korea at the start, with global expansion at a later time.

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