Samsung’s ‘Good Lock’ app seems to be turning into a crowd-sourced customization option


It appears that the Samsung Good Lock app is turning into some type of crowd-built customization app. Samsung has been taking the feedback from its users and turning them into features or fixes for Good Lock.

Just in case you haven’t been around or aware of what this is, Good Lock is an app that was released alongside the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (but also available for yesteryear’s phones as long as they are on Marshmallow) which completely overhauls the UI and turns TouchWiz into something that is aesthetically pleasing. The app has been met with open arms, even after some battery draining issues that plagued devices when it was released.

The latest update brings even more changes that were suggested by the community, and the change-log even states “Feedbacks from customer are applied”. This is pretty great that Samsung is taking criticism and suggestions from various users and integrating these changes into the Good Lock app, providing a genuinely unique experience.

As for what’s new in Good Lock, we’ve got you covered:

What’s New

  • Supporting Routine color setting enhanced
  • Add button “Must/Sound/Vibrate” in Quick Panel
  • Supporting unlock by Google Voice
  • Showing more Notifications on Lockscreen if no AppTray
  • Supporting Wifi/BT setting by S Voice
  • Add button “Mobile Hotspot” in Quick Panel
  • Supporting option enable/disable Quick Connect, S Finder in Quick Panel
  • Supporting option to change Clock color on lockscreen
  • Add button “AOD” in Quick Setting Bar (S7, S7 Edge)
  • Supporting option to enable/disable Quick Setting Bar
  • Add button “Smart Lock” in Quick Panel if Smart Lock is enabled
  • Supporting option to change Notification BG color
  • Supporting option to enable/disable Notification Color Bar
  • Showing Widget selected on Lockscreen Clock area
  • Supporting option to enable/disable Gradation in StatusBar

It seems that Samsung is updating Good Lock a couple times per month, integrating new features and suggested options into each update. As someone who is not a huge fan of Samsung, seeing this app and the continued support makes me want to give it a shot.

If you want to learn more about the Samsung Good Lock app, check out Chris’ full review and walk-through here.

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