Samsung’s latest patent suggests the ability to use the S Pen on an edge display


The latest rumor coming from SamMobile is that Samsung might soon add the feature allowing the S Pen — found with the Galaxy Note line — to interact with the objects found on the curved edge section of the phone’s screen. This rumor stems out of a patent filed by Samsung detailing this exact feature.

Galaxy Note S-Pen Patent

While not all patents end up being implemented into products, the ability to specifically interact with the edge display on Samsung’s devices with the S Pen is something that we can see happening.

As Samsung adds more functionality to the edge display with every new device that they release, the ability to write on the small section of the screen seems inevitable. Perhaps it’ll come with the launch of the Galaxy Note 6? We have our fingers crossed.

Justin Duino
I am a technology geek through and through. For as long as I can remember I have been tearing apart electronics to figure out how they work. I got into writing about Android by first learning how to program for the ecosystem and being a part of the developer community. I can always be found playing with a new phone or the latest wearable.

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