Google made a 3D radar so tiny that it can fit into your smartphone or smartwatch [VIDEO]


Project Soli, one of the many experimental projects that have come out of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects department, consists of a radar system that has been shrunk down to fit into everyday items. The radar is capable of detecting gestures and minute hand movements and it also turns out that it can detect different types of items.

“The Soli Team shipped Alpha DevKits to a limited number of extraordinary developers from around the world. This is a showcase of what the community has built. Thank you for all the amazing efforts from everyone working with us. If you’re interested in learning more, check us out here www.projectsoli.com/developers”

In the newest video to be released by Google, Project Soli can be seen being used to detect items such as different types of plastics, metals, 3D scanning of objects, remote control objects, controlling music, and so much more. Each of the demos shown off in the video are from developers who have been working with the developer kit. Additionally, ATAP showed off Project Soli working in a prototype watch and speaker at Google I/O.

[Google ATAP]

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