Cortana update brings Android notification sync and actions to Windows 10


Cortana Android app

There’s a good chance you have a computer with Windows 10 installed and probably an even greater chance that whatever smartphone you own is running Android (we’d hope so if you’re a regular visitor of this site). Wouldn’t it be great if the world’s most popular desktop and mobile operating systems were somehow able to play nice with each other? In a new update to the Cortana app — rolling out now on Google Play — Microsoft is finally bringing Android notifications to your desktop.

The best part? Not only does Cortana sync notifications from your Android device to your computer (swipe away on your computer, and they’ll be dismissed on your Android too), but the feature allows you to interact with them too. Of course, notification interactions depend largely on the app sending the notification, but it seems to be working really well with SMS. Oh, and you also need to be a Windows 10 tester or wait until the official Anniversary Update debuts this summer.

Cortana is Microsoft’s personal assistant app for Android devices that offers an alternative to Google services like Google Now. With Cortana, Android users can set reminders, appointments, send emails, open apps, or search using Bing. It’s like the functionality of Google Now with the personality of Siri. Maybe one day we’ll finally see Apple get on the ball and start supporting Android devices too, but we wont hold our breath.

Download on Google Play: Cortana

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