Android Wear 2.0 lets apps launch automatically based on your activity



While most of us here at Phandroid agree that the idea of wearables like smartwatches are cool, they’re still sort of limited in their current state. Google wants to change that with Android Wear and what started out as little more than a way to show notifications on your wrist is quickly becoming so much more.

We already learned that Google’s planning on introducing a handful of new features in Android Wear’s big 2.0 update — things like smarter watch faces, darker UI, virtual keyboard support, and more — but it was only during the Android Wear session at Google I/O that we’re now learning how developers can take advantage of Android Wear to help make their apps even smarter.

According to Google, Android Wear devices will soon be able to automatically launch apps according to the type of activity you’re doing. For instance, if you’re out for a jog, the RunKeeper app will automatically open and give you helpful information about your run (hopefully no longer sending data to advertisers) or another app will remind you to drink some water after X amount of activity.

This type of activity recognition is one of the new features built into Android Wear 2.0, but it’s up to developers to take full advantage of it by coding auto-app opening into their apps.

[Android Central]

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