Bank of America is adding Android Pay support to 2,400 of its ATMs this month


Bank of America has announced that they will be supporting Android Pay in their cardless ATMs. The announcement came at Google I/O, naturally. The company says they’ll have it in 2,400 of their ATMs starting this month, and plans to have it fully deployed by the end of this year.

Bank of America’s cardless ATMs let you use your phone to withdraw cash and check on your account’s balance. This helps take us a step further into a future where we no longer have to carry around plastic cards everywhere we go, especially since those cards are ultimately less secure than mobile-based payment solutions.

Of course, Bank of America is just one bank, and we imagine folks won’t be flocking to migrate their accounts for this one feature. But hopefully this inspires other banks to get on board and help push us into a future where our wallets can stay at home.

Quentyn Kennemer
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