Android Pay is now officially available in the UK (or maybe not until tomorrow)


Early this morning Google’s official Android account on Twitter announced that, Android Pay — Android’s mobile payments platform — is now officially available in the UK. This is after officially launching in the US more than 8 months ago, but better late than never.

Before you get too excited, as so often is the case with Google, it appears they may have jumped the gun. Reports have been flooding in of users unable to download the app, so don’t freak out if you don’t see the download button just yet, it’ll get there. The blog post from the Official Android Blog is dated tomorrow, which is odd, but maybe that’s a clue that it wont technically be available in the UK until tomorrow.

Android Pay UK tweet

Keep in mind that Android Pay also doesn’t work on rooted devices, so if you’re planning on using it to make purchases, you’ll want to revert back to stock. Using NFC technology built into most Android devices these days (but not all), Android Pay not only works at terminals where you see the little Android logo, but also any/all that also support Apple Pay or have the universal “Tap & Pay” logo on it.

Although nothing was announced yet, let’s hope that Google has some promotions in store like they did in the US (even if it’s just free Android figurines). Those new to Android Pay and wondering how it all works, we have a handy How To post right here.

UPDATE: Yup, the official Android Twitter account is confirming that things “aren’t quite there yet.” We’re sure all of this will be sorted out by tomorrow.

Download on Google Play: Android Pay

UPDATE 2: It seems Google has sorted things out. Android Pay is officially available in the UK and the app can now be downloaded through the Play Store.
[Twitter | Official Android Blog]

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