May 16th, 2016

Last week, online retailer Woot was offering one helluva deal on a “brand-new” Nexus 5 32GB for $150. Turns out, the devices weren’t new at all, in fact, they weren’t even 32GB. After some customers reportedly began received refurbished 16GB models, Woot soon realized the error of their ways and are now looking to make amends.

Not only is Woot offering up refunds and a $30 discount coupon on a future purchase, but 50% off the phone for those that decided to keep it. They’re also extended the warranty on the phone to 1-year, just in case there’s any trouble with the phones down the line, something that should give added peace of mind for anyone keeping the refurbished Nexus 5.

While it certainly sucks that something like this happened, it is nice to see Woot making the effort to set things right with their customers. Did anyone end up pulling the trigger on the Nexus 5 when the deal was live last week?


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