Meizu breaks into the US market with a Bluetooth speaker, not a phone


Meizu is a company that only Android enthusiasts in the US may have heard of, but elsewhere, they are fairly popular. The company primarily manufactures smartphones, most of which never make their way to this side of the world. However, in order to try and get its foot in the door with the US market, Meizu has just announced an Indiegogo campaign for a unique Bluetooth speaker.

The Gravity is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker with a floating display, and the appearance that it is floating on whichever surface it’s sitting upon (it elevates itself using glass). In addition to having Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, the Gravity also features a hi-fi set of speakers, aiming to bring a great music experience in your home.

Since the Gravity speaker is Wi-Fi capable, Meizu is working on partnerships with various streaming companies to give everyone the music they want. As of right now here are the companies that have hopped on board with Meizu:

  • Soundcloud
  • Spotify
  • TuneIn

Meizu hasn’t stopped there, with the company hoping to bring the likes of Pandora and iHeartRadio to the table before the Gravity is released.

The Indiegogo campaign is live and you can jump on the early bird train for only $169, saving yourself $80 off the full-retail price of $249. There are also other options to consider when looking at the Gravity speaker campaign:

  • Early birds special – $169 + Shipping – (1) wireless speaker
  • Gravity x1 – $199 + Shipping – (1) wireless speaker
  • Gravity x1 & backpack x1 – $249 + Shipping – (1) wireless speaker and a customized backpack
  • Early birds special – $349 + Shipping – (2) wireless speakers
  • Gravity x5 – $899 + Shipping – (5) wireless speakers

Meizu has reached the point in its timeline where there is now a functional prototype and has launched the campaign. The company is expecting for the Gravity Bluetooth speaker to ship in December of 2016.

[via Indiegogo]


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