You will soon be able to view 360-degree photos in the Facebook app



If you watch videos on the internet you’ve probably come across a 360-degree video. They’re all the rage these days. New devices like the Samsung Gear 360 and LG 360 Cam are making it even easier to capture 360-degree content. Facebook is on the forefront of VR, and so soon they will allow 360-degree photos in the News Feed.

In a few weeks, it will be possible to upload 360-degree photos directly from a Gear 360 to Facebook. The photo will be viewable in Facebook apps and on the web. Simply drag your finger or mouse to pan and look around. In the app, you’ll also be able to tilt your phone to change the view, and with a Gear VR it will be even more immersive.

Despite your feelings on Facebook, this is a pretty big deal. Facebook is one of the most used websites on the planet. When more 360-degree content gets in front of more eyeballs it will be good for the future of VR.

[via SlashGear]

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