Verizon HTC 10 gets the s-off treatment


The Verizon HTC 10 has been in circulation for less than a week, but the development community has already put in some long hours and has managed to gain s-off for HTC’s new flagship phone. The news was shared on Twitter by @firewaterdevs.

For those who are not aware, gaining s-off allows modification to the NAND partitions on the phone. This means that changes made to the boot, recovery, system and radio partitions will not be wiped once the phone is rebooted and firmware updates don’t need to be digitally signed by HTC.

The s-off method for the Verizon HTC 10 hasn’t been publicly shared yet since there is “much more work to do.” We’re sure there are a few of you who are itching to get s-off on your HTC 10, but you’ll just have to wait a little longer. 

With the HTC 10 getting stellar reviews and the development community working hard to ensure that we can take full advantage of the phone’s hardware, do you think it’ll be one of the most popular phones for Android enthusiasts this year?


Nick Gray
I'm a life-long tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC. After writing about tech for more than a decade, I jumped at the opportunity to take on the role of Editor in Chief at Phandroid. Please contact me at [email protected].

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